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Käsityöläiskatu and its stone ovens are the heart of the company.

The Bakery prepares fresh local food for consumers in traditional style. There are about 40 different products prepared at Antin Konditoria daily, along with cakes and pastries. The strength of this small bakery is love and commitment for all finished products. You'll find mixed grain bread, rye bread, buns, various baguettes, oat and barley bread, seasonal bread and doughnuts in our broad selection of ever popular delicacies. New products are continually being developed and traditional products are brought to our customers with a modernised twist. Antin Konditoria's ingredients and recipe books, handed down over the years, continue to provide a unique foundation and resource for product development, whilst still respecting traditions. The bakery's working methods are still praised for their manual craftsmanship, which improves the taste of the products. Bakery can also manufacture products flexibly to meet customers' requirements. Cakes, pastries, chocolates and cookies are manufactured according to customers' wishes. Our specialities in the confectionery line are chocolate delicacies.