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Antin Konditoria -
respecting traditions.

This local bakery in Käsityöläiskatu has been baking bread for more than one hundred years. Stone ovens are heated up every day and pastry products are produced by the fourth generation of pastry makers. The bread starter doughs and recipes for making bread have been handed down from father to son. Product range comprises bread, cakes, buns and pastries. In addition to our long lasting traditional favorites, our range includes several new products such as Antti's Kotijäätelö (Home-made ice cream) and handmade chocolate confectionary.


Visiting hours

Mon –Fri6 – 18
6 – 16


Käsityöläiskatu 24,
30100 Forssa


Since 1911

Antin Konditoria dates back to 1911, when Toivonen's Bakery was opened on Käsityöläiskatu. The people of Forssa were enjoying the bread and pastries of the bakery already back then. In 1956, the Toivonens were, however, an ageing couple, so they searched for someone to continue the bakery. They found the ideal couple from the town of Tampere, when Tauno Antero Koivisto and Sirkka Koivisto answered the newspaper ad and moved to Forssa. Antero Koivisto was really good when it came to baking. He had vast experience in producing all types of bread for companies such as Oululainen, Voima, Smandt, Koito and Tuotanto, and was among the best bakers in the whole of Finland. Back in the 50's, there were two men competing for superiority in the confectionery industry, and Antero Koivisto was one of them. At that time, the master, Antti, was most proud of his popular blown sugar products. With reference to bakery shops, the company changed its business name to Antin Konditoria.

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